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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Podcast #30: Marshmallow Jesus

In which God recalls happier times.

Download the podcast here.

Tomorrow: God compares Himself to James Bond.


rsmb1 said...

Keep up the good work!
I'm no woman(promise you), but I can find a contradiction too. Didn't god already told us we are his virgin world?
p.s: Do you mind publishing the podcast also as a text in the body of the internet page? It happens that I hear words I am not familiar with(English is not my mother language)
Thanks anyway.

The Almighty said...

So you speak a foreign language and claim not to understand every word I say? Well, let me tell you this:

Only pompously grandiose highfaluting mooks are audacious enough to ostensibly pretend to fathom my every word. Bottom line: You're fine.

No. 9. said...

XD "Pompously Grandiose Highfaluting(?) mooks(!) "

thats like a killer Finishing move in MK.