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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Podcast #58: Dear Rsmb1

In which God answers the readers of this blog clearly and succinctly.

Download the podcast here.

Tomorrow: The C-word.


rsmb1 said...

God is timeless.
Even so it took you to much time to come up with an answer - The holidays are about to over or something. Ask the angles again if you did not got it right, ok?

Or was it beacuse of ... here you can write(sorry, 'say') your answer plainly and clearly without abstruse language or any other incomprehensible confounding unintelligible or unfathomable idiomatic expressions(Made it all by myself - I should open a blog to, don't you think)

'Shut up?' Really? That subtle?

No. 9. said...

this podcast is way better then douglas Adams.