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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Podcast #74: The Referendum

In which God asks us an important question.

Download the podcast here.

Tomorrow: The voting results.

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oferb said...

you have to thank ciwi for my being here.
... so do i, for that matter.
i had a really great response in there, but they discontinued the thread b4 i could post it (see below 4 proof).
it's put a smile on my face, and for all the wrong reasons.
god really does deserve this!!(he/she/it's) probably getting off easy, for that matter...

This thread has been closed.

> those who cant do teach.
> those who cant teach criticize
> those who cant read let their leaders read out loud (and interpret) for them
> those who cant understand condemn
> those who cant (i invite the moderators to rephrase the following if they find it offensive) get it up join supremist groups and try to stamp out those who can.
> those who have an awful lot of free time post comments and responses in blogs...
> i guess i should get back to work.